Sunday, September 3, 2017

Road to Success in the Journey of Business

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There can be no success without sacrifice. If you want to accomplish great things, be willing to sacrifice much. Success takes sacrifice. Success involves making choices and choice means sacrifice. The two go hand in hand. (Melara, 1998, p. 37)

Success is achieved in inches, not miles.  Most people never realize how close they are to attaining their dreams because they give up too soon.  (Melara, 1998, p. 37)

We all want success, whether in business, social or in our private lives, but what are we willing to sacrifice to reach that success.  These sacrifices may include the following:
  • Further education to upskill
  • Analyse weaknesses and Plan to overcome them
  • Work more efficiently – less ‘downtime’
  • Remove obstacles to success – non performing employees
  • Work longer – maybe not such a good idea
The list can go on and on, but as noted with the last option, not all sacrifices are wise.  Success at the expense of a balance lifestyle with family and friends may not be success at all.
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David Prior

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